Giving to DCMS


Giving to DCMS


DCMS depends on the generosity of individuals, families, and foundations to sustain its programs.

The per pupil cost of educating each student at DCMS is close to $10,000 per year. Students’ families pay up to $2,500 per year in tuition. The balance of our operating budget comes from donations. There are many ways to support DCMS from sponsoring students and donating materials to hosting students on their way to summer camp and boarding school.

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The Deep Creek Middle School would like to recognize and thank the following individuals and organizations for their generous sponsorships of our students.

  • The May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

  • McAlaine Family Foundation

  • Miles & Pat McDonald

  • Ross & Nancy McDonald

  • Robert and Jennifer McNeil

  • Haley Meijer

  • Hanna Meijer

  • Peter and Gretchen

  • Jordan Menzies

  • Jack and Louise Murphy

  • James & Kylie Nottage

  • Sand Dollar Fund

  • Sally Searle

  • Marion Searle

  • Wendy and Stephen B. Siegel

  • Solstice Bahamas (Brian & Laurel Smith)

  • The Springbank Foundation

  • The Windemere Island Foundation

  • The Whitehall Foundation

  • The Allen Family Foundation, Inc.

  • The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

  • The Calvert Foundation (Laurie Swett)

  • Molly Carter

  • The Claneil Foundation

  • The Cotton Bay Foundation

  • Fred Danforth & Carlene Larsson

  • Deborah Meijer

  • Steven Della Rocca & Courtenay A. Hardy

  • William Douglass

  • Sean & Sarah Farrington

  • Fieldstone 1793 Foundation (Mrs. Henry A. Jordan)

  • James E. Findlay

  • Benjamin and Jennifer Freeman

  • Geoffrey Freeman and Marjie M. Findlay

  • John & Anne Geissinger

  • The King Family

  • The Klarr Family

  • The LaBoiteaux Family Foundation (Toni LaBoiteaux)

  • The Lyford Cay Foundation


The Deep Creek Middle School would like to recognize and thank the following individuals for their ongoing support of our school.

  • Chris & Monica Cates

  • Marsya Cates

  • Craig Cates

  • Graham Cates

  • Jay and Michele White




We are seeking individuals and organizations to sponsor incoming DCMS students.

All DCMS families make a financial or in-kind commitment to the school, however, the balance of the cost of education is great. A $15,000 scholarship supports a student for grades seven, eight, and nine, at $5,000 per year. Donors are matched with students for their DCMS career and receive ongoing academic and personal updates.


“I am excited to be at DCMS because it can help me apply for scholarships that can help make my future brighter.” 
- Brenae Williams, DCMS student





We are always seeking families to assist our summer camp program in Canada and in the United States.

Camp opportunities for DCMS students are unique, to help in this process we are looking for volunteer families to help with logistics such as overnight homestays and transportation to and from camp. In the past students have attended camps such as Dudley & Kiniya, Betsey Cox, Chewonki, R.K.Y and Camp Queen Elizabeth. If you are interested in learning more about the camp program or helping please contact us.




We appreciate contributions toward our student, community, and professional libraries:


Cape Eleuthera Foundation

Cape Eleuthera Foundation

Check out other initiatives by the Cape Eleuthera Foundation