DCMS also offers opportunities for students to continue realizing our vision beyond the school day and their DCMS careers.


After School Sports

All students at DCMS are encouraged to be physically active. Throughout the year, students practice after school to learn the skills and strategies of a variety of sports and build their physical literacy. A special emphasis is put on teamwork, sportsmanship and lifelong physical activity.


Boarding School

Students in grade nine may consider attending the local high school or applying for boarding schools in the United States. DCMS supports students and families with the process by helping with applications, school contacts, interviewing and placement. DCMS graduates have earned over $1.5 million in scholarships over the last six years. Alumni attend or have attended the following schools: Episcopal High School, Garrison Forest School, Hebron Academy, Kimball Union Academy, Lawrence Academy, Lawrenceville School, Marvelwood, Proctor Academy, Trinity Pawling School, and Vermont Academy. View alumni profiles to read about the achievements of DCMS graduates who have attended boarding school.


Junior Junkanoo

Junkanoo is a distinctly Bahamian cultural event involving music, dance, and colorful handmade costumes. All fall, communities come together to prepare for the Boxing Day or New Year’s Day rush. A rush involves a parade of colorful costumes created within specific parameters; intricately choreographed dances; and the rhythmic sounds of cowbells, drums, horns, and whistles. At DCMS, the students compete in the all-island Junior Junkanoo rush in late January. Students work to create the theme; choreograph the dance; make the cardboard, wire, and paper costumes; and practice for their performance.

Summer Camp

Students in all grades can apply for full scholarships to summer camps in Canada, the United States, and The Bahamas. This opportunity allows students to act as ambassadors for DCMS, meet people from all over the world, and travel internationally. The campers try many new activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, sports, and arts projects. Past summer camps have included: Camp Kiniya, Camp Dudley, Camp Deerwood, Surf Camp Bahamas, Camp Betsey Cox, and Camp Queen Elizabeth.