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Dr. Laura Macartney

Dr. Laura Macartney is a passionate educator with 19 years of experience in primary and middle school settings. She is honored to begin her second year with Cape Eleuthera Island School as the Director of Deep Creek Laboratory Schools, which include Deep Creek Middle School, the Early Learning Center, and collaborative partnerships with educators of South Eleuthera. Originally from Michigan, Dr. Macartney holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Education from Hope College, a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education and the Art of Teaching from Aquinas College, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership from Northcentral University. During her career, Dr. Macartney has served as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, teacher leader, professional development and leadership specialist, and principal. She has worked in Michigan, Florida, Costa Rica, and Eleuthera. Her experiences have taken her to two large urban school districts, a small suburban district, a remote rural environment in the heart of the rainforest, and a family island in The Bahamas. She has taught all subjects to multiple grade levels and specializes in the development of literacy and language.

Dr. Macartney is committed to meeting the unique social-emotional and academic needs of all students through fostering a positive, nurturing, and globally-minded school culture and maintaining high expectations. She believes that education must center on engaging, relevant, and purposeful instructional activities that enable all students to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Macartney is proud to be a part of DCMS, a truly unique school where exceptional learning opportunities occur daily. She brings her two oldest children to DCMS with her, while her youngest child attends the Early Learning Center. The entire Macartney family loves exploring the beautiful island of Eleuthera and the surrounding water together.

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Mr. Scott Huff

Mr. Scott Huff is an energetic educator with more than 22 years of educational experience in the upper elementary and middle school levels. He has taught subjects such as mathematics, reading, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Scott has had the honor of being a building Principal in several buildings in rural settings in Wisconsin. He is excited to bring his educational passion to DCMS as their principal.   

Mr. Scott Huff has three driving principles to the way he approaches his leadership position. First is to have high academic standards for students. Second, he believes in treating people like people in all situations. The final principle which he believes to be the most important but sometimes the hardest, do what is right for kids.  

Scott is extremely excited and humbled at the opportunity to continue and expand the work of DCMS with the help of the excellent staff and community.


Ms. Kaitlin Lederer
Social Studies & Learning Support

Ms. Lederer, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is excited to enter her second year at DCMS. She received her bachelor’s degree at West Chester University in secondary education for social studies and special education. Three and a half years ago, Ms. Lederer came to Eleuthera to complete her teaching practicum at Central Eleuthera High School. She is entering her fourth year as a teacher and is excited to continue to support students as they grow and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Ms. Lederer has traveled to four out of the seven continents, including living and studying in Norway where most of her family resides. When Ms. Lederer is not in the classroom, she loves to spend her time in or near the ocean, reading, or eating popcorn.

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Ms. Nell Herrmann
G7, G8, G9 Science, G9 Health Science

Nell Herrmann moved to Eleuthera from Blue Hill, a small town on the coast of Maine. People in Blue Hill have close ties to the ocean, as the economy there is based largely on the American lobster fishery. Teaching middle school science in a community near the ocean is Ms. Herrmann’s dream job; she is thrilled to be celebrating her twentieth year in the classroom with the awesome students at DCMS. Ms. Herrmann earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. In 1995, she earned a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and in 1997 she completed a second Master’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Penn State University. She started her career as a scientist, but quickly learned that her true love is teaching. Ms. Herrmann has participated in scientific research in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Belize, Greenland and Antarctica and is enthusiastic about sharing her appreciation of the natural world with children. During her free time, Ms. Herrmann enjoys camping, sailing, swimming and snorkeling. She is awestruck by the beauty of the marine ecosystems in The Bahamas and feels incredibly fortunate to be a teacher at DCMS.


Mrs. Jennie Butler
G7 & G8 Health, G8 Religious Knowledge, G7 Skills, G9 SCUBA & Camp Coordinator

Jennie Butler, originally from Fort Worth, Texas, is starting her fourth year at DCMS and her fourteenth year of teaching. She is thrilled to be starting another year with the DCMS team. Mrs. Butler received her Bachelor of Science in education from LeTourneau University. Mrs. Butler shares God’s love and joy with all her students as she encourages their growth personally and academically. Having a passion for students to become life-long learners and problem solvers gives Mrs. Butler a strong dedication to every student in her classroom. During her down time, she is reading, crocheting, snorkeling, or singing!


Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz) Ramnarine
Grades 8 & 9 Language

Liz Ramnarine moved to The Bahamas from Guyana in 2002 to join her then husband, who was teaching at Windermere High School at the time. The following year, she secured a job with the government and began teaching at Preston Albury High School, where she remained until June of 2019. 

Liz holds a Trained Teacher’s Certificate from The Cyril Potter’s College of Education in Guyana and a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from The University Of Guyana. She has been teaching for the past 25 years, the first 8 of those being in Guyana and the remainder being here in The Bahamas, on the island of Eleuthera. She has taught grades 7- 12 Language and Literature and Grades 8 Reading. She has enjoyed working with students preparing them for the Scripps National SpellingBee Competition. 

She enjoys exploring nature, watching and capturing sunsets (thus her nickname, Sunset Hunter), writing short stories and poetry, embroidery and cooking. 

Liz is excited to be a part of the DCMS family, since it gives her an opportunity to experience teaching in a system/environment where the focus of learning is not only academic based.


Mr. G. Wynter
G7, G8 & G9 Mathematics Teacher

To inform, inspire, and ignite are Mr. Gary Wynter's goals as he explores the realm of mathematics with middle school students at DCMS. Gary graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in general education from the Jamaica Theological Seminary in Jamaica. He initially worked as a mathematics and vocational instructor.  After obtaining his principal certificate from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, Gary excelled in various middle management positions at Pembroke Hall High School where he taught for over 18 years in various disciplines.

His educational philosophy is that he believes all students are capable of learning. All students do not learn at the same rate, but with different methods and strategies, it is possible for all students to excel.

Rashida Sweeting.jpg

Ms. Rashida Sweeting
Administrative Assistant

Rashida Sweeting is a native of Water Ford, Eleuthera. She attended Wemyss Bight Primary and Preston H. Albury High School. Before DCMS, Ms. Sweeting worked as a special education teacher with Exceptional Education Outreach and as a tour guide at Princess Cays. She has a passion for children and Bahamian culture, and is so excited to be working at DCMS.


Ms. Emily Mullins

Teaching Fellow, Grade 7 English

Emily Mullins is a recent graduate from Texas State University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. She joins us at DCMS having just completed an Internship here in the Spring. She is excited to be starting her teaching journey at such a unique and innovative school. Emily has always loved working with kids. For the past 7 summers she has worked at a summer camp in Texas. Working there made her realize her true passion in life, which is helping kids grow and succeed. Emily grew up visiting Eleuthera with her family and is thrilled to finally call this place she loves so much, home.


Ms. Tricia Link

Physical Education, Visual Arts & After School Sports Instructor

Ms. Tricia Link is looking forward to a fun first year at DCMS as the physical education and visual arts teacher. Ms. Link is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2018. 

Ms. Link holds passion for physical activity of all kinds, and has spent her life staying active through various sports and hobbies, enjoying everything from softball to swimming to skiing. Always game to try something new, she is always looking for different ways to stay physically active. She believes in the ever growing importance of getting students involved and excited about physical education and increasing their physical literacy. 

While she holds so much passion for physical education, she is also so excited to dive into visual arts. Ms. Link loves to exercise the creative parts of her brain whenever possible and is excited to challenge her students to do the same throughout the school year.

When Ms. Link isn’t running a P.E. or art class, she loves to spend time relaxing on the beach, practicing yoga, and cooking.

Phoebe Hannah.jpg

Ms. Phoebe Hannah

Learning Support Teacher, Deep Creek Laboratory Schools

Ms. Hannah, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is entering her third year teaching at Deep Creek Middle School. After completing her teaching practice at Central Eleuthera High School in Palmetto Point three years ago, Ms. Hannah knew she would be drawn back to Eleuthera’s friendly community, caring citizens, and luring ocean. With a Bachelors of Science in Middle Grades and a second Bachelors of Science in Special Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Hannah intends to focus on giving extra support to various types of learners throughout her time with the Deep Creek Laboratory Schools . With a goal of being able to reach every student, Ms. Hannah has a passion for helping students discover their potential and make steps to getting there.

When she is not teaching, you can find Ms. Hannah exploring Eleuthera, taking photographs, playing with her potcake, Cappy, and collecting driftwood and sea glass from her favorite beaches.