Extended Academics

This part of our curriculum is unique to DCMS. The following courses and programs are specially designed to provide students with opportunities to practice the core values of leadership, academic growth, and responsible citizenship in authentic, place-based learning environments.


DCMS Community Outreach


The Community Outreach goal is to come together as a community to take ownership of our place, DCMS, not only in the classroom but also outside its four walls. Through our three clubs, Eco Club, EarlyAct and Wellness Club, DCMS students explore what it means to be responsible citizens through collaboration and project implementation.

Every student must commit to being involved in a community outreach club. Club time has been scheduled into the school day and each club will focus on community needs through its particular lens. The culmination of the community outreach program takes place in Spring Term when our 9th graders work together to lead multi grade level teams and focus on an outreach project in the greater Eleuthera community.


EarlyAct Club

The EarlyAct Club at DCMS is made up students who believe in putting service above self. This organization is a junior arm of the Rotaract Club and collaborates closely with The Rotaract Club of Eleuthera. The students are committed to developing citizenship and leadership qualities by identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities.



The Eco-Schools club is an extracurricular organization initiated by grade seven students in 2009 with the mission of making DCMS more environmentally friendly. The group did environmental assessments in the areas of waste, water, energy, and biodiversity and created action plans to tackle pressing problems. Seven pilot projects were undertaken including experimenting with systems for food waste, creating a healthy snacks garden, and changing all incandescent light bulbs to CFL’s. The group is currently working on a major project to reduce the amount of waste we send to the dump and has built a school-wide recycling system which handles aluminum, plastic, and paper waste. Their motto is: DCMS can be green if we work as a team.


Wellness Club

The Wellness Club started in 2016. Students endeavor to assess the wellness needs of their community, generate innovative wellness ideas, plan events, model a healthy lifestyle, and engage in community outreach opportunities. Students involved in wellness club can also expect to learn practical health and wellness skills which may include learning how to make healthy meals and snacks, fun ways to exercise, strategies for coping with stress, first aid skills, and how to help those in need in our community. We look forward to supporting the growth of this exciting club!


School Without Walls

School Without Walls consists of three separate one-week sessions that are spread throughout the academic year. This is a focused time of experiential education and exploration of Eleuthera in collaboration with other parts of the Cape Eleuthera Island School and other organizations on Eleuthera. Extended time will be spent out of the classroom working on grade level themes focused on the marine world, research and student advocacy.  Students will share and celebrate their learning with the larger community through an evening of Presentations of Learning.



Collaborative Graduation Projects

Students have a unique opportunity to demonstrate some of their cumulative learning through our Grade 9 Collaborative Graduation Projects. Based on specific instruction they receive in their Community Outreach Club, grade 9 students come together to design, implement and collaborate on meaningful community service projects. 



The skills curriculum covers a wide range of subjects to support the middle school child’s developmental success as students, young adults, and future leaders. The skills program is focused on grade 7 students and covers study skills, computer literacy, and community building. Leadership, communication, conflict management and decision-making skills are also introduced and practiced throughout the DCMS program.



In 9th grade, students at DCMS work towards a PADI certification through open water SCUBA diving. Students learn to dive safely through a combination of classroom lessons, contained water skills instruction, and open water dives. PADI certified instructors from the Island School lead weekly dives that teach basic diving skills, expose students to the local marine environment, and build teamwork and perseverance. Underwater graduation takes place at the completion of the course.