Deep Creek Middle School


Deep Creek Middle School

Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) is an independent school for Bahamian students in grades seven through nine located on the southern end of the island of Eleuthera.

Founded in 2001, with the goal of increasing access to alternative education methods, DCMS offers an experiential approach to the Bahamian curriculum. It is fully endorsed and recognized by the Bahamian Ministry of Education.

DCMS receives funding from Cape Eleuthera Foundation, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide place-based education, scientific research, and community leadership in order to create a more livable future on Eleuthera and throughout the world. DCMS works closely with The Island School and the Cape Eleuthera Institute to offer students and staff a unique experience that connects them more intimately with their environment and on-going efforts for sustainable development and environmental stewardship in South Eleuthera.


Dear Deep Creek Middle School Community,


DCMS continues to deliver a vibrant academic program in math, science, social studies, English, health, religious studies, and art, based on the Bahamian National Curriculum. Our experiential place-based approach towards education allows us to reach beyond the classroom walls into the outdoor beauty of Eleuthera. With a target enrollment of 45 students and as many as 11 different Eleutheran settlements represented in the student body, DCMS offers a unique and nurturing educational environment.

Several years ago, the concept of wellness was introduced into the curriculum and continues to be integral to the culture of DCMS.  Not only does wellness strengthen students’ social-emotional and physical health and well-being, it also strengthens their academic achievement.  Thus, wellness activities are woven throughout the school day. Additionally, a heavy emphasis on creating a nurturing community is in place. We believe strongly that DCMS is a community of teachers, parents, and students working together to promote each student’s academic, social, physical, and emotional development.  We have high expectations for all members of the DCMS community and encourage students to push beyond their comfort zone and grow. We know that together, we can flourish and create a vibrant community of learners on a journey to become the future leaders of The Bahamas. We are here to support and encourage that growth.

Throughout the year, several additional opportunities for growth, citizenship, and leadership are offered. Our Island School-Deep Creek Middle School Buddy Program is an example of those values in action. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for lasting relationships that recognize and value differences and similarities. Mutual respect is fostered and a global perspective is nurtured through open lines of communication, compromise, and collaboration. During our time together, we cultivate meaningful relationships through intercultural dialogue around important topics, reciprocal learning opportunities, and fun team-building activities.

Each week at DCMS there is a dedicated time for community outreach. We believe strongly that learning to give back to one's community is an important component of leadership and citizen development. Outreach is delivered through our three clubs and each student is involved in a club. Outreach clubs are a time for students to learn about their responsibilities to the greater community on a local and global level, to be agents of change, and to practice becoming compassionate leaders.

Be sure to come by and visit the campus. Our student Caciques will give you a tour, discuss you the new initiatives for this year and answer your questions about DCMS.



Laura Macartney

DCMS Principal




Our Vision

Our vision is to educate the future leaders of The Bahamas by providing learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, that teach responsible citizenship, provide authentic opportunities for leadership and allow students to grow academically.

Our Mission

The mission of DCMS is to create a nurturing learning environment where students will not only learn the subject matter from The Bahamian national curriculum, but focus on developing key academic and personal skills. Our curriculum and programs are designed to support the acquisition of these skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills: Students will be able to gather and evaluate information to make decisions and innovate solutions.
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills: Students will be able to understand and synthesize information in order to communicate ideas effectively.
  • Communication skills: Students will be able to recognize and value differences in order to compromise, collaborate and cooperate.

Expectations of Our Nurturing Community





A Unique Educational Opportunity

  • A small, nurturing community of approximately 45 students.

  • Mixed grade level advisories of one teacher to 7 students meets once a week.

  • Target class size of 15 students.

  • An innovative and rigorous curriculum focused on academic growth, responsible citizenship and leadership.

  • BJC preparation, character development and exploration integral to the program.

  • Experiential and place-based approach where students apply academics to real-world tasks and work beyond the classroom walls.

  • Partnerships with The Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute.

  • SCUBA certification for Grade 9 students. Religious Studies for Grade 8 students. Study Skills for Grade 7 students.

  • Physical literacy, Junior Junkanoo, community service and other extracurricular activities.

  • Small group tutoring and homework support available.

  • Assistance with boarding school applications: many DCMS alumni have been accepted to boarding schools in the United States earning millions in scholarships for their secondary education.

  • Support with high school internships, college applications and scholarships.

  • International travel opportunities and summer camp scholarships.

Admission Timeline

Applications for 2019 - 2020 available Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Schedule Parent-Principal Meeting: Contact office to arrange a meeting for April 8-12 or April 29-May 3.

Applications due: Monday, April 1, 2019

Mandatory Interested Parent Meeting: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Mandatory Admissions Day and Interviews: Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon

Acceptance Letters Available: Monday, May 13, 2019

Mandatory New Parents Meeting: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Enrollment Deadline ($100 Deposit): Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Financial Aid Applications Due: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Admissions Procedure

You must submit an application package that includes: student essays, most recent student report card, and a teacher recommendation. If your application is incomplete, you cannot be considered. It is your responsibility to make sure that the report card and teacher or principal recommendation are delivered on time.

Students will be evaluated based on their application essay, parent-principal interview, teacher recommendation and performance during Admissions Day. A writing sample, reading assessment and math assessment will take place on the Admissions Day.  We are looking to build a cohesive and diverse class of students who are a good match for our school’s mission.

Parents must schedule and come in for a parent-principal interview. Please call the school to schedule a time. Your child's application cannot be considered without the parent interview.

All newly accepted students are required to attend a seven-day summer orientation program during the end of August. Please do not make any holiday arrangements during this time, as your child must participate in this orientation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

DCMS is committed to finding a way for all students to attend our school. All students receive scholarships from our generous donors and we ask families to support DCMS tuition according to their ability to pay.





Dr. Laura Macartney

Dr. Laura Macartney is a passionate educator with 18 years of experience in elementary and middle school settings. She is honored to begin her first year as Principal of the incredibly special school that is DCMS.  Originally from Michigan, Dr. Macartney holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Education from Hope College, a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education and the Art of Teaching from Aquinas College, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership from Northcentral University.  During her career, Dr. Macartney has served as a classroom teacher, literacy specialist, teacher leader, and professional development and leadership specialist. She has worked in Michigan, Florida, and the jungle of Costa Rica.  Her experiences have been in two large urban school districts, a small suburban district, and a remote rural environment in the heart of the rainforest. She has taught all subjects to multiple grade levels and specializes in the development of literacy and language.

Dr. Macartney is committed to meeting the unique social-emotional and academic needs of all students through a positive, nurturing, and globally-minded school culture.  She believes that education must center on engaging, relevant, and purposeful instructional activities enable all students to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Macartney is proud to be a part of DCMS, a truly unique school where exceptional learning opportunities occur daily.  She brings her two oldest children to DCMS with her, while her youngest child attends the Early Learning Center. The entire Macartney family is thrilled to reside on Eleuthera and looks forward to enjoying many island adventures together!




Ms. Nikki Elliot
Assistant Principal & Secondary Placement Coordinator

Originally from a small town outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ms. Elliott, joined the Deep Creek Middle School team in 2014 and is eager to be part of the crew again.

In 2008, Ms. Elliott received a degree in Integrated Science from Grand Valley State University with a minor in elementary education. Before making her journey to Eleuthera, Ms. Elliott taught science for five years in Michigan, working to integrate environmental, place-based education into traditional middle school classrooms. Upon arriving at DCMS, Ms. Elliott continued her work in science for three years before transitioning into her current role as Assistant Principal.

This is Ms. Elliott's second year as Assistant Principal at Deep Creek Middle School. She is passionate about finding and organizing international travel opportunities for students. Ms. Elliott coordinates the Summer Camp Placement Program at DCMS, working to solidify as many opportunities as possible for her students in The Bahamas, the United States and Canada. In addition, Ms. Elliott coordinates and leads DCMS' yearly Grade 8 Exchange Program and plans travel for students to attend the Plastic Ocean Pollution Solution Youth Summit in Dana Point, CA. New to Ms. Elliott's role this year is Secondary School Placement Coordinator. In this role, Ms. Elliott will support Grade 9 students and families in their search for education beyond DCMS either in The Bahamas or abroad at a boarding school.

Ms. Elliott is grateful to have found the island of Eleuthera and DCMS. She believes everyone should experience living in a different country at least once to open one's eyes to new ways of living and appreciation for other cultures. Ms. Elliott loves her morning coffee, has an obsession with vinyasa yoga, and finds it difficult to turn down a road trip.



Ms. Kaitlin Lederer
Social Studies & Physical Education

Ms. Kaitlin Lederer, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is excited to begin her first year at DCMS as the social studies and physical education teacher. Ms. Lederer received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Special Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Two and a half years ago, she completed her teaching practicum at Central Eleuthera High School and continued to travel back and forth to volunteer at camps and spend time during the holiday breaks. Ms. Lederer is grateful to be back on Eleuthera in a community that she has been eager to call home. Having spent the last two years in the classroom in Philadelphia, Ms. Lederer has a passion for helping students identify their strengths and gaining confidence inside and outside of the classroom.

When she’s not in the classroom, Ms. Lederer can be found swimming in the ocean, eating conch salad, or taking pictures of island adventures.




Ms. Sophia Smith
English Language Arts

Sophia L. Smith has been a part of our nurturing community for the last four years as our English teacher. She is from Nassau, Bahamas and she holds a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Secondary Education English and Literature from The College of the Bahamas. She enjoys cultivating the future leaders of The Bahamas through a hands-on approach to  Language Arts. She is very passionate about literacy and pushes students to become avid readers. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Literacy Instruction from The University of the West Indies Open Campus. She resides with her husband, daughter, and sister in Deep Creek.



Ms. Jennie Parks
Math G7 & G8 Health, Religious Knowledge G8 & G7 Skills

Jennie Parks, originally from Fort Worth, Texas, is starting her sixth year teaching in the Bahamas and her thirteenth year of teaching overall.  She is thrilled to be starting another year with the DCMS team. Ms. Parks received her Bachelor of Science in education from LeTourneau University, a small Christian university in east Texas. Having passion for students achieving their best and becoming problem solvers gives Ms. Parks a strong dedication to each student in her classroom. During her down time, she is reading, crocheting, snorkeling, or singing!



Mrs. Marcela Carroll
Science & Spanish

Mrs. Marcela Carroll is anticipating her second year as the Science and Spanish teacher at DCMS to be even better than her first. She moved to South Eleuthera with her family, after living in Vermont, Florida and Colorado. Mrs. Carroll is originally from Bogota, Colombia, but moved to Florida to complete high school and university, finishing with a B.S in Biology from Florida International University. As a young professional, Mrs. Carroll worked for various wildlife conservation organizations, raising Atlantic Salmon for restoration projects and tending to injured raptors at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.  It was during that time that she decided to pursue a teaching career, earning her teaching degree in 2008. Later on she attained teaching endorsements in Science and Spanish. Mrs. Carroll has been a classroom teacher to hundreds of students throughout the K-12th grade levels. Mrs. Carroll is thrilled beyond words for the opportunity to be part of the DCMS staff once again. She shares her passion for teaching and living lightly with the staff, students, and families of Deep Creek Middle School. Mrs. Carroll lives on Cape Eleuthera and loves spending time with her family and sharing unforgettable experiences with all the CEIS community.



Ms. Phoebe Hannah

Phoebe Hannah originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is entering her second year teaching at Deep Creek Middle School. After completing her teaching practice at Central Eleuthera High School two years ago, Ms. Hannah knew she would be drawn back to Eleuthera’s friendly community, caring citizens, and luring ocean. With Bachelors of Science in Middle Grades and Special Education from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Hannah intends to focus on giving extra support to various types of learners throughout her time at DCMS as well as teaching math for grades 7 through 9. With a goal of being able to reach every student, Ms. Hannah has a passion for helping students discover their potential and make steps to getting there.

When she is not teaching, you can find Ms. Hannah exploring Eleuthera, taking photographs, playing with her potcake, Cappy, and collecting driftwood and sea glass from her favorite beaches.



Ms. Rashida Sweeting
Administrative Assistant

Rashida Sweeting is a native of Water Ford, Eleuthera. She attended Wemyss Bight Primary and Preston H. Albury High School. Before DCMS, Ms. Sweeting worked as a special education teacher with Exceptional Education Outreach and as a tour guide at Princess Cays. She has a passion for children and Bahamian culture, and is so excited to be working at DCMS.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.04.39 PM.png

Ms. Rachel Raczynski

Art and Health Science

After volunteering as a Health Science high school teacher for one year on one of the most secluded and least visited countries in the world, the Marshall Islands, Miss Raczynski continued to have the desire to teach in a small island community.  Consequently, this aspiration came true, as she joined Deep Creek Middle School’s team this year as the Art and Health Science teacher.

Originally from Lewiston/Auburn, Maine or “the other LA”, Miss Raczynski has always had some sort of connection to the outdoors. In the winters in Maine, she tries to ski as much as possible and absolutely loves anything and everything relating to snow.  For a time, Miss Raczynski worked as an Environmental Educator in Ocean Park, Maine.  She wanted to spark the natural curiosities of her students to learn beyond a traditional classroom setting.  Miss Raczynski wants to continue to have her students think about how people impact the environment as one of Deep Creek Middle School’s Eco Club facilitators.     

At Allegheny College in a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania Miss Raczynski received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Art History.  She particularly enjoyed studying Cognitive Psychology, which is the study of mental processes, such as language, memory, and problem solving.  As for Miss Raczynski’s formal art education, she attended Walnut Hill School for the Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design Pre-College Program.  

Miss Raczynski has been working and volunteering in various teaching positions over the past 6 years, for all grade levels.  She believes as a teacher you have the responsibility to encourage students to set goals for themselves and to accept their failures.  If a student fails at something, they just need to keep trying and that is what counts.  When Miss Raczynski is not trying to get to know her students better, she can be found collecting shells, creating art for her friends and family, reading articles relating to history, and watching documentaries of all sorts. 



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