Deep Creek Middle School


Deep Creek Middle School

Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) is an independent school for Bahamian students in grades seven through nine located on the southern end of the island of Eleuthera.

Founded in 2001, with the goal of increasing access to alternative education methods, DCMS offers an experiential approach to the Bahamian curriculum. It is fully endorsed and recognized by the Bahamian Ministry of Education.

In 2015, DCMS enrolled 45 students from 11 different Eleutheran settlements.

DCMS receives funding from Cape Eleuthera Foundation, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide place-based education, scientific research, and community leadership in order to create a more livable future on Eleuthera and throughout the world. DCMS works closely with The Island School and the Cape Eleuthera Institute to offer students and staff a unique experience that connects them more intimately with their environment and on-going efforts for sustainable development and environmental stewardship in South Eleuthera.


Dear Deep Creek Middle School Community,

DCMS continues to deliver a rigorous academic program in math, science, social studies, English, health, religious studies, PE, and the arts based on the Bahamian National Curriculum. Our experiential approach allows us to reach beyond the classroom walls into the outdoor beauty of Eleuthera. A curriculum addition this year is a sharpened focus on wellness. The Sustainable Development Goals developed last year by the United Nations includes seventeen goals, three of these goals pertain to healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. They describe well-being as physical, mental and social well-being. The well-being of our students is essential if they are to be ready to learn and to find success in school.

Throughout the year we offer many additional opportunities for growth, citizenship, and leadership. This year we merged the DCMS advisories with the Island School advisories as the foundation of our buddy program. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for lasting relationships that recognize and value differences and similarities. Mutual respect will be fostered and a global perspective will be nurtured through open lines of communication, compromise, and collaboration. During our time together we will be working on STEAM challenges, enjoying each other's company and building friendships.

There is a dedicated time each week for our community outreach program. Outreach will be delivered through our clubs and based on community needs. This is a time for students to learn about their responsibilities to the greater community, to be agents of change and to practice becoming compassionate leaders.


Katie Bauer
DCMS Principal




Our Vision

Our vision is to educate the future leaders of The Bahamas by providing learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, that teach responsible citizenship, provide authentic opportunities for leadership and allow students to grow academically.

Our Mission

The mission of DCMS is to create a nurturing learning environment where students will not only learn the subject matter from The Bahamian national curriculum, but focus on developing key academic and personal skills. Our curriculum and programs are designed to support the acquisition of these skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills: Students will be able to gather and evaluate information to make decisions and innovate solutions.
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills: Students will be able to understand and synthesize information in order to communicate ideas effectively.
  • Communication skills: Students will be able to recognize and value differences in order to compromise, collaborate and cooperate.

Expectations of Our Nurturing Community





A Unique Educational Opportunity

  • A small, nurturing community of about 45 students.
  • Target class size of 15 students.
  • An innovative and rigorous curriculum which focuses on academic growth, responsible citizenship and leadership.
  • Focus on academic achievement and BJC preparation. 
  • Experiential approach and project-based learning to apply academics to real-world tasks.
  • Partnerships with The Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute.
  • SCUBA certification for Grade 9 Students.
  • Sports, Junkanoo, the arts and other extracurricular activities.
  • One-on-one tutoring offered.
  • Assistance with boarding school applications: many DCMS alumni have been accepted to boarding schools in the United States earning millions in scholarships for their secondary education.
  • Support with high school internships, college applications and scholarships.
  • International travel opportunities and summer camp scholarships.

Admission Timeline

Applications for 2017-2018 are now available: See button below. 

Applications due: April 14, 2017

Admissions Day and Interviews: Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 9:00AM-12:00PM. If you are absent or late on Admissions Day, your application cannot be considered.

Acceptance Letters Available: Monday May 15, 2017

New Parents Meeting: Wednesday May 24, 2017 at 7PM

Admissions Procedure

You must submit an application package that includes: student essays, most recent student report card, and a teacher recommendation. If your application is incomplete, you will not be considered. It is your responsibility to make sure that the report card and teacher or principal recommendation are delivered on time.

Students will be evaluated based on their application essay, parent-principal interview, teacher recommendation and performance during Admissions Day. A writing sample, reading assessment and math assessment will take place on the Admissions Day.  We are looking to build a cohesive and diverse class of students who are a good match for our school’s mission.

Parents must schedule and come in for a parent-principal interview between the beginning of February and Mid-April. Please call the school to schedule a time. Failure to attend the parent interview will mean your application cannot be considered.

All newly accepted students are required to attend a 7 day summer orientation program during the last two weeks in August. Please do not make any holiday arrangements during this time, as your child must participate in this orientation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

DCMS is committed to finding a way for all students to attend our school. All students receive scholarships from our generous donors and we ask families to support DCMS tuition according to their ability to pay.




Mrs. Katie Bauer
Principal & Director of Education

Katie Bauer is a veteran middle school educator with over 30 years of experience and national recognition as a Milken Family Foundation awardee and a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. She holds a Bachelors in Art in Art History from Oberlin College and a Masters in Education from the University of Maine focused on literacy and science instruction. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Maine in 1982 to work at the Hurricane Outward Bound School where she worked in experiential education as a boat captain and met her husband of 32 years. She transitioned into public school education a few years later teaching first in a multiage 3rd - 5th grade setting, then a self contained team taught grade 5, and finally settled for the past 23 years in a midcoast Maine middle school where she taught math, science and focused on intervention. In 2013 she had an opportunity to visit Eleuthera for the first time and created an exchange between the DCMS grade 8 and a group of Maine 7th graders. From that experience her love of DCMS was established.

Mrs. Bauer knows that essential to good teaching are compassion and passion – compassion for where people are in their lives and passion for the art of teaching. She believes in fairness and opportunity, in stretching out of your comfort zone, and in taking time to reflect. She knows that guiding children to become thoughtful leaders who treat each other and the world with care, takes humor, engagement, patience and dedication. She is delighted to be entering her second year as part of the DCMS and Cape Eleuthera Island School community and looks forward to the coming year.


Mrs. Lisa Schmitt
Assistant Principal & Art Teacher

Lisa Schmitt is celebrating her 20th year in education. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, she had the privilege and good fortune of helping young adults connect with their creative spirit as an art teacher for 10 years at Northfield Mount Hermon School. She has since enjoyed working at a wide range of independent schools and gained a broad educational perspective. In particular, her work in the Admissions Office at a prep school in California allowed her to gain fluency in the high school admissions process. Her experience with policies and financial aid structure, as well as her close work with the Director of Communications, now helps inform her as she assists DCMS families applying to US boarding schools.

Mrs. Schmitt is enjoying her fourth year with CEIS where she started as a member of the faculty at The Island School as the Environmental Art teacher and New Faculty Mentor. Her transition to the middle school last year as assistant principal has invigorated her love of teaching and guiding young people as they embrace their educational journey. She believes that learning never ends and that opportunities to grow are available every day.

Mrs. Schmitt lives on Cape Eleuthera with her husband, who is a faculty member at The Island School, and their two children. A global citizen, Mrs. Schmitt has resided in 3 different countries and 8 different US states, but most often visits family in New England. She enjoys painting, sculpture, swimming, yoga, SCUBA, and, of course, travel.



Mr. Micah Conkling
Social Studies

Micah Conkling is grateful to return for the 2016-17 school year. Before DCMS, Mr. Conkling taught in the U.S. in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in Maine (where he’s from), working with the greatest interest in classrooms that explore how young people and adults can collaboratively create the world they want to live in. He owes much to his mentors in New Orleans, especially at Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, who introduced him to student-driven and Freirean education philosophies. Mr. Conkling has a B.A. in Sociology from Boston College, and helps run DCMS’ EcoClub and Open Learning Center.



Ms. Nikki Elliot

Originally from a small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ms. Elliott, joined the Deep Creek Middle School team in 2014 and is eager to be part of the crew again. In 2008, Ms. Elliott received a degree in Integrated Science from Grand Valley State University with a minor in elementary education. During her first year teaching in Michigan, she joined Groundswell, an organization devoted to hands-on environmental learning. For the next five years, Ms. Elliott worked to integrate environmental, place-based education into traditional middle school classrooms. She has attended numerous workshops, completing hundreds of hours of professional development related to place-based education, environmental education, and service learning. She is grateful to have found the island of Eleuthera and DCMS: two perfect places to apply her skills and to immerse her students in their education. When Ms. Elliott is not teaching, she is taking photos, on her yoga mat, reading, going on Eleutheran adventures, or trying her best to make tasty Thai dishes.


Ms. Brittany Hoban
Health, PE, & Scuba

Brittany Hoban, originally from Austin, Minnesota is thrilled to return for a second year at DCMS. Ms. Hoban completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education. While obtaining her degree at Minnesota State University Mankato she had the great opportunity to student teach in Australia. This experience lead her to want to explore more options and teach in other countries. Ms. Hoban will continue her journey as the Health and Physical Education teacher at DCMS. She will also be involved in the SCUBA class and is looking forward to learning and working with DCMS students again this year. 


Pastor Brad Ferguson
Religious Knowledge

Pastor Brad Ferguson, a native of Eleuthera, grew up in Rock Sound where he attended Rock Sound Primary and Preston H. Albury High School. He completed his pastoral training and exams in Nassau at the Church of God Convention Center. He has served as the pastor of the Church of God in Weymss Bight for nearly five years and teaches Sunday school there. He shares his passion for music with his congregation playing guitar, drums, and bass with the church band during services and teaching youth to play. In his ninth year at DCMS, Pastor Brad enjoys shooting hoops with the students before school and teaching the Religious Knowledge curriculum in a middle school classroom setting.


Ms. Sophia Smith

Sophia Lourine Smith is originally from Nassau, New Providence. She is returning for her third year as our English teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Secondary Education English and Literature from The College of the Bahamas. Ms. Smith's passion is indeed in the classroom where she is able to connect, relate, encourage and train her students. She is enthused to have a hands-on approach to cultivating the future leaders of The Bahamas. She is very passionate about literacy and pushes students to become avid readers. She resides with her husband, daughter, and sister in Deep Creek.


Jennie Parks.jpg

Ms. Jennie Parks

Jennie Parks, originally from Fort Worth, Texas, is starting her fourth year teaching in the Bahamas and her eleventh year of teaching overall.  Ms. Parks previously lived in Savannah Sound, Eleuthera while teaching math at Windermere High School. She is thrilled to be joining the DCMS team and excited to become familiar with the places and faces of the south end of the island. Ms. Parks received her Bachelor of Science in education from LeTourneau University, a small Christian university in east Texas. Having passion for students achieving their best and becoming problem solvers gives Ms. Parks a strong dedication to each student in her classroom. During her down time, she is reading, crocheting, snorkeling, or singing! 

Allison Peace
Wellness Educator

Allison Peace is originally from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Peace's longing for the ocean brought her to the west coast of Canada where she studied child and youth development. She completed a Bachelor’s of Child and Youth Care followed by a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Ms. Peace has worked with children, youth and adults in a variety of community service organizations over the years. For the past five years she has worked at a private university prep school in Canada as middle and senior school counsellor, student wellness coordinator, dormitory parent for female boarding students, and a member of the boarding leadership team. She has also facilitated girls’ groups, student wellness teams, and service trips.
Ms. Peace is passionate about holistic student health including their emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and academic wellness. Her graduate work concentrated on planning and implementing health and wellness programming into schools with a focus on issues such as stress, sleep, healthy relationships, exercise and nutrition.

Ms. Peace loves traveling, jogging, eating healthy, cooking, and being in community with others. She is always searching for new and innovative ways of cultivating a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life. She is thrilled to be joining the DCMS team this year!

Ms. Rashida Sweeting
Administrative Assistant

Rashida Sweeting is a native of Water Ford, Eleuthera. She attended Wemyss Bight Primary and Preston H. Albury High School. Before DCMS, Ms. Sweeting worked as a special education teacher with Exceptional Education Outreach and as a tour guide at Princess Cays. She has a passion for children and Bahamian culture, and is so excited to be working at DCMS.



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